The usage of a VPN is fully legal in most countries, the one exception being countries as mentioned in this article.

Also if you’re using online streaming services such as Spotify or Netflix, usage of a VPN is fully legal.

Pay attention if using a free movie online website, as these are illegal as covered in our article about watching free movies online.

Netflix may not work with certain VPN’s

The VPN will protect you by encrypting your internet traffic and help you hide your online identity by changing your IP address.

Usage of VPN to bypass GEO blockades and view content from other countries is a known issue at Netflix. This means Netflix might refuse the connection if you’re connected via a VPN. This does not mean that VPN usage is illegal, but it shows Netflix is trying to keep its GEO barriers intact.

Some VPN providers continually change their servers IP addresses in an attempt to fight the Netflix blockade, allowing their users to keep watching Netflix content from other countries.

If you’re unable to watch Netflix when connected to a VPN, you should contact the customer service of your VPN provider.

Compare and choose your VPN provider!

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