In this review we’re going to be reviewing

Summary is a vpn and proxy server provider with a zero logging policy.

The unique feature of is that you may use it for free for 2gb of data usage each month.


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At the time of writing has 150+ dedicated servers in 34+ countries. So you’re sure to always have a VPN server available nearby your physical location. will help you hide your IP address, encrypt your internet traffic and help you protect your online identity.

  • Logging
  • Server locations
  • Speed
  • Features
  • Service
  • Price


The use for free feature is great if you want to try their service.

Testing their service, the vpn server speed is fine. We even managed to play games without any delay when on a server near our physical location.
While not the cheapest VPN, will help you provide your cloak your online activities while maintaining fast internet speed.

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  • 150+ servers in 34+ countries
  • Zero logging policy
  • Access to any server you want
  • 5 multilogins (secure up to 5 devices with 1 subscription)
  • Easy to install and use app
  • Unlimited bandwidth and data
  • 24-7 live support (Live chat, ticket system)
  • Support for different kinds of protocols: PPTP, L2TP, IPSec, IKEv1 and IKEv2
  • AES-256 encryption
  • Compatible with all operating systems
  • DDOS protection


We’ve tested the VPN serverspeed on our standard connection in the Netherlands. After running a few tests, we came up with the results as showed below:

Server testlocation: The Hague, Netherlands
Physical location: Gelderland, the Netherlands

Ping: Lower is better
Download & upload speed: Higher is better

Location Ping (m/s) Download (mbps) Upload (mbps)
Default speed 7 125 123
VPN-Netherlands 8 100 106
VPN-Germany 23 76 50
VPN-Poland 56 53 13
VPN-Hungary 116 44 5
VPN-USA (Washington D.C.) 220 23 2
VPN-India 306 13 1

Using in the same country we could browse the internet without any noticable delay.
Gaming, watching Netflix and downloading torrents was no problem at all.

Getting around blockades with servers in other countries also worked perfectly as we could freely watch German TV stations on livestream when we switched to German VPN servers.

Tutorial: watch German TV stations from anywhere in the world! 

Further tips & Advice for

Tip 1: The price for your subscription is based on the total time of buying a subscription. The longer your subscription, the cheaper your price per month will be.

At the time of writing this article you can buy a 1 year subscription for $119,88 dollars.

Tip 2: Dont forget you can use 1 subscription for up to 5 devices. So dont forget to set it up on your other devices as well!
(Or you can share your subscription with a friend!)

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