When leaving your home country, people often have to miss their local TV stations.

We have found a way to bypass this and have made this blog to show you how you can watch the local German TV stations from anywhere in the world!

Channels that are watchable with an internet connection from inside Germany include WDR, RTL, ARD, ZDF, ProSieben, 3Sat, and Arte.

While this works great from inside Germany, the app will be blocked when viewed from an IP address from outside Germany.

Links to German TV stations with internet live streams:

Why are the TV stations blocked?

As German TV stations sign for their programs, they have to reach an agreement. They need to sign that they won’t play the shows for site visitors from outside of their country. So before the website or app plays you the video, they check if your IP originates from Germany. If it doesn’t, it won’t play the live stream.

These GEO Barriers can be bypassed by using a VPN. The VPN will make it seem like you’re in Germany while you’re physically in a different country.

Click here to read how to set up a VPN, or click here for a list of reliable VPN providers.

Watching internet TV through a VPN connection

It’s important that the site your visiting or the app you’re using thinks you physically inside Germany. Even when in reality, you’re not physically in a different country.

When using a VPN server from Germany, the website or app will see a German IP address and play the TV shows for you.

Get a VPN to watch German TV from other countries

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