In a world where malware, spying cookies, hackers, online censorship and cybercrime are more and more common, extra online security is no longer unnecessary.

This is why using a VPN is highly recommended by most online security experts.

But what are these advantages that using a VPN will provide for consumers?

1. Extra online protection

A VPN will encrypt all your internet traffic. That means that all unsecured data like plain text cannot be read by intercepting the traffic. After the traffic reaches the VPN server, it will be unencrypted and travel to the website from the VPN server.

When using a VPN, your data will remain safe. Internet providers, hackers, companies, and governments will not be able to trace your traffic or data.

VPN’s can also use the option to enforce SSL usage. This means that any unsecured HTTP connections will automatically be transferred to an HTTPS connection.

If HTTPS is not available, the browser will warn you and asks if you want to proceed using an HTTP connection.

All these measures will make sure you have an extra layer of protection when browsing online.

2. Surfing online anonymously

As you use a VPN service, your own IP address will be hidden and you adopt the IP address from the VPN server. This means your location cannot be tracked.

Most VPN providers will also not track your online activity. Make sure that your VPN provider enforces a zero logging policy.

This combination will prevent websites or companies to build an online profile from your IP address, and allow you to browse the internet anonymously!

For many visitors, this is an important reason to use a VPN, as people don’t want others to see and know what they are doing online.

3. Securely use public wifi

Even with everyone having huge mobile data subscription bundles, public WiFi is still a very popular way to use the internet for free.

The only disadvantage of using public WiFi is that everyone (including hackers) can connect and use that network and use it to watch unencrypted data other users on the public WiFi are using.

This is a huge security risk, as many people don’t realize how easy it is to send users on public WiFi to phishing sites or to steal their user credentials or bank data.

Before you realize what has happened, the scammers will be long gone with your bank funds.

Using a VPN will encrypt all your data, so when using an unsecured public WiFi connection it will be impossible for hackers or scammers to intercept your data.

4. Bypass censorship

Censorship on the internet is a worldwide growing threat. It is no longer only common in China, Russia or North-Korea. It has become common in other countries as well. Banning out social media, websites or more.

When using VPN servers in other countries, you can bypass the censorship and view the website or service from another country.

For example, China is blocking a lot of websites (even Google), so if you want to use services like YouTube, Gmail or Google in China you better have a VPN.
Click here for a full list of sites blocked in China

5. Access location restricted websites and services

This works just like bypassing censorship, by using the VPN server in a different country you can bypass location barriers. For example, if using a VPN server in America, you will be able to view American content on Netflix.

This is also an advantage when taking a holiday, as you will still be able to view local movies and series as if you were still at home.

6. Save money on online purchases

While many people think that a VPN will only cost money, what they don’t realize is they can actually save money when playing smart against location specific pricing.

Because each country has a different level of welfare, prices are based on the location from where you’re browsing the web.

For example, a plane ticket can cost you $300 if you’re browsing from a rich country like the United Emirates, but if you were to change your location to Poland, you would only have to pay $150 for the exact same plane ticket.

This doesn’t only apply on plane tickets, this also applies to electronics like mobile phones, laptops, tablets but also on software subscriptions like Microsoft Office or even Netflix.

7. Safe and secure downloading

With the growing threat of getting a fine when downloading illegal torrents, getting a VPN is a huge advantage if you want to prevent getting a huge fine for illegal torrenting.
With a VPN you will download completely anonymously and gain protection against download penalties.

VPN will also provide protection when using torrent streaming services.

Short conclusion:

Using a VPN will yield multiple advantages. In particular for online and identity protection, online privacy and bypassing online blockades.

We have summed them up one more time below:

  • Extra online protection
  • Browse the web anonymously
  • Securely using public WiFi
  • Bypassing censorship
  • Accessing location restricted websites and services
  • Save money on online purchases
  • Safe and secure downloading

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